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About Us

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Servo Security

Incorporated in 2003, Servo Security (Formerly known as Security Shop), our mission is to provide customers with customized, cost effective solutions to fulfill their ultimate goals.

Collaborations with our solution technology development partners, has brought Servo Security’ technology and solutions to international markets across different market segments.

Our clientele is proof of unparalleled operation excellence and being recognized in numerous applications such as infrastructure, transportation, commercial and governmental buildings.

Servo Security offers array of software solutions such as :

  • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)
  • Video Surveillance As A Service (VSAAS)
  • Video Content Analysis (VCA)
  • Visitor Management System (VMS)
  • Alarm Notification Escalating Solution
  • Cloud/Based Digital Signage
  • Energy Management System (EMS)
  • Headcount Management System (HMS)
  • Centralized Public Address Monitoring Solution
  • Integrated Security Dashboard
  • Cloud Based People Counting System

Servo Security’s mission is to strive in increasing customers’ efficiency and productivity by delivering high quality, robust, affordable and user-friendly software and hardware, ultimately that reduces the deployment cost and time-to-market.

May 29, 2014