Aimetis License Plate Recognition


Aimetis License Plate Recognition

The VE410 provides out-of-the-box Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) functionality using analog or network cameras. It can be used for variousfixed parking applications, electronic toll collection or pay-per-use roads. License plates and their corresponding images are stored and can be easily searched. Various alarm scenarios can be achieved by using white or black lists.

Aimetis VE410™ Automatic License Plate Recognition


Aimetis VE410™ Automatic License Plate Recognition is available as a video engine inside Aimetis Symphony™.

  • Parking garage toll collection or assisted visitor management
  • Traffic Control
  • Border crossings
  • Marketing tool to log patterns of use



  • License plate recognition with low error rate
  • Detection of license plates in multiple lanes of traffic, either stationary or moving
  • Recognize license plates from different regions and countries
  • Browse and search for license plates
  • Support for white and black lists
  • Multitude of alarm scenarios such as alarming on white and black lists
  • Leverages Aimetis Symphony™ for live and recorded video streams
  • Easy software configuration inside Aimetis Symphony™
  • Supports IP cameras
  • Interfaces with external I/O devices


  • CPU: Intel dual core
  • RAM: 2GB
  • HD Space: 250MB
  • OS: Windows XP or higher
  • Aimetis Symphony™ Enterprise
  • PCI slot or USB port for hardware key


The Aimetis VE410 is an add-on video analytic that is included with an Enterprise license. A server hardware key is also required.

August 8, 2014