Air Craft Parking

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Aircraft Hangar Parking Project - AHPP

The solution proposed and planned for MINDEF to recognize and manage the plane model in the parking lot using external telemetry inputs.

The proposal to design, software development, install and commission a centralized system which will be owned by MINDEF. The centralized solution provides a platform accessible over windows platform using client server architecture.

The scenario for monitoring the planes in the aircraft hangar include the following :

  • To recognize the type of planes in the parking lot.
  • To alert on the display workstation if the wrong planes are in the wrong parking bay.
  • 3. To provide a GUI that will allow users to easily identify the type of planes in the parking bay.
  • 4. Basic reporting based on available data and user requirement.

The solution was designed and implemented for Singapore MINDEF for the monitoring of the fighter aircraft parking bay management.

October 29, 2018