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Integrated Security Dashboard - iDashboard

The iDasboard monitoring application offers a seamlessly integrated platform for the collection, monitoring, analysis, alerting, and reporting of all Security event, log and performance data. A patented real-time analytics engine correlates events, logs, and performance metrics across the entire physical and virtual data center infrastructure including servers, storage, network, security devices, users, location, and applications in a single application. Built-in rules, which may be easily customized by the user if desired, alert IT to malicious activity or performance-impacting events. From a “single pane of glass,” IT can monitor all data center activities and resources whether on-premise, remote, or in the cloud.

The following are the target market vertical for the application of the product

Commercial Buildings



Track record of deploying the solution since 2016. The following are some of the customer using the product

  1. Land Transport Authority Singapore.
October 29, 2018
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