Physical Security Information System - PSIM


is an intelligent software application allowing for the review, analysis, control, command and follow up of all security installations in one single, user-friendly interface.

It is the core application of any Railway or Metro Security system.  It is designed as a fully integrated control/command center where relevant events detected by the local/peripheral subsystems are received and managed by the operators.

PSIM supplies to operators only the information relevant to activated “real” threats, minimizing the risk of false alarms and therefore optimizing security resources and Response Time of countermeasures. It also supplies the related emergency procedures, as agreed with the client or as per best market practices, and allows for the visualization of both the video streams associated with the alarms (automatically selected) and the ones selected by the operator.

At a glance, the main advantages of PSIM

Shared, hierarchical and multi-level architecture

Emergency management with step-by-step operations monitoring

Security management performed “Rules engines” used at local level for the integration of security subsystems

Event (alarms and user actions) reports

Integration with security subsystems already in place & train control solutions

Intelligent and easy to use operators tools


May 29, 2014