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Base Station Physical Security Monitoring Solution

Recent years, the base stations for GSM Cellular networks are increasing, as well as the expanding of the GSM Network, but the GSM Cellular base stations are always located in remote area, without security guards, so there are thieves want to steal the equipment in base station.

Due to these base station far away from downtown area, without security guards, When the based station are broken in, and equipment broken done, the maintenance staff can’t get these information real time. For solving this problem, Our Company designed a solution that will provide both detection and deterrence using combination of card access, intrusion system and surveillance.

The proposal to design, install, commission and maintain a centralized security monitoring and management solution for the base stations.

The objective of this proposal is to better monitor, manage and escalate events using surveillance, intrusion system and card access system integrated to a single uniformed platform hosted in SACOFA NMC.

The product was initially designed and deployed for

SACOFA Malaysia

A telecommunication tower operator in Sarawak, Malaysia.

November 19, 2018
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