Multi-Tenant Billing System

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Multi-Tenant Billing System

The proposal is to develop and deliver a tenant billing management solution which comprise the following functionality.

  • Owners Management: Owner Identification system to identify the person/company that owns the building.
  • Tenants Management: The ability to manage (create, modify and delete) tenants
  • Tenants invoicing systems: The ability to be invoice tenants for power consumption utilization automatically and manually as per client requirements.
  • Integration to BMS. : The functionality to integrate and extract power consumption utilization's based on BMS reference points.
  • The ability to historically retrieve invoices of past billing information.
  • The ability to automatically escalate the invoice to the tenant via email.
  • The ability to plot a graph of power consumption for individual tenant based on records stored in the database.

The following are the target market vertical for the application of the product


Commercial Buildings

Residential Complex

Factory buildings


November 19, 2018