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VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service)

The product is a VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) solution designed to enable users to access live video camera feed or playback recorded video clips from the portal or mobile devices. The product offers a carrier-grade mobile streaming system to provide high quality video streaming on all networks and all devices. The platform encoding is based on H264/MJPEG video streaming format. User will have the flexibility to view from the mobile phone and online portal without the need to download any proprietary software.

Security industry will change its focus to differentiate itself from box pushers and improve the business by filling the real need of remote surveillance via mobile application. Currently remote viewing of CCTV system via PC or notebook is very costly and has limitations from the telecommunication infrastructure. However with this solution the end-user no longer needs to suffer from the hassle or be limited by technology. We have a solution to bypass the expensive hardware and yet provide the best video streaming quality.

The following are the target market vertical for the application of the product

Consumer Market


Track record of deploying the solution since 2008. The following are some of the customer using the product :

May 29, 2014